The Bowen Technique was developed by Thomas Bowen, an Australian, some 40 years ago. He was a talented body worker and started practising in the 1950s. By the early 1970s he was known to be treating some 13,000 people a year. It was introduced into the UK in the 1990s.

Bowen Therapy Oswestry

Bowen is a straightforward, no-nonsense remedial therapy that is non-intrusive, gentle and relaxing. Very precise rolling movements are made over muscles and soft tissues and this helps to calm the nervous system and so promotes rest and repair throughout the body.

There is no deep tissue manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force needed and it is not a form of massage. This makes it completely suitable for all ages from babies to the very old; in fact I have treated all ages from a 6 month old baby to a lady of 91 who really enjoyed her sessions. The treatment can be done through light clothing or directly on the skin.

The Bowen Technique aims to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. It is a fascial release therapy that can also move blocked energy, therefore helping with emotional issues. Often following a treatment people have a feeling of complete relaxation, improved sleep patterns, an increase in energy levels as well as an overall feeling of well being.